PolyMagic™ LED Film&Glass

PolyMagic™ is a special, patented technology that incorporates LED light sources into laminated glass panels to create distinctive patterns, images, and logos. It serves as an excellent partition, promotional tool in creating attention-grabbing displays and storefronts.

Some application examples are storefronts, hotel, conference rooms, exterior window displays, inner doors/shop windows, façades, shelf displays, skylights, boutiques/specialty counter displays, and more.


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  • Special patented technology that incorporates LEDs light source and electronic materials into glass panels to create distinctive patterns, image, and logos.
  • An excellent promotional tool that creates attractive displays.
  • Bright, high performing LED light sources save energy costs.
  • Special flat or curved LED glass to match your applications without distracting wires. 
  • Glass color:Clear, bronze, gray, green tint, mirror…etc.
  • Glass typed:Annealed , tempered , curved…etc or with print (ALL laminated)
  • Led color:Green , Yellow-white , White , Red , Blue (bright, double-sided exclude red)
  • Thickness:8.5mm (3mm+3mm) to 40.5mm (19mm+19mm)
  • Size:Up to 1,900 x 3,750mm
  • Shape:Any shape, including holes anywhere
  • Environment:Operation -20℃ to 80℃ (-4℉ to 186℉)
  • Power supply:100-240VAC 
  • Driving voltage : Depending on the design
  • Switching time:Less than 100 milliseconds 
  • Optical:Transmission more than 80% / View angle approx.160° / UV protection 99.8%
  • Life:Greater than 10 years
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