PolyFlush™ Film&Glass

PolyFlushTM Glass/Film is one of optical glass which appears in different colors when viewing at various angles.

One sided glass that is a rich blue and purple from the darker side, and reflects vibrant colors with a hint of gold on the bright side.

This attractive, eye-catching material with unique presentation that will enhance your building facades and interior applications also blocks 99% UV, gives life toyour displays and curtain walls. 


PolyFlush, Imaginative, Colors, Displays, Discoloration, Optical Glass

  • Colorful: appears in different colors when viewed from various angles.
  • Attractive: enhance your most imaginative product displays.
  • Eco-friendly: no oxidation problem, and provides up to 99% UV protection.
  • Glass type:Annealed, tempered ,curved…etc(All laminated)
  • Thickness:7mm (3mm+3mm) to 39mm (19mm+19mm)
  • Glass size:Up to 1,370mm x 3,800mm and more
  • Film size:1,370mm x 20M by Roll for film
  • Shape:Any shape, including holes anywhere
  • Environment:-20℃ to 80℃ (-4℉ to 186℉)
  • UV Protection:99%
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